Jenny Rourke

Head of Production Section
Forecast Department, Production Section

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Jenny is a member of the Senior Management Team at ECMWF as Head of Production Services Section, in  the Forecast Department. She leads the three teams responsible for the NWP production process, from acquisition and pre-processing of observations, through running the model, to product generation and dissemination and archiving of the data. Jenny has worked with colleagues at ECMWF to establish a Well-being Network at the Centre, and advocates for well-being, inclusivity and peer-to-peer support in the workplace.

Professional interests: 
  • Production of ECMWF data: from acquisition and pre-processing, through running the model to product generation and dissemination and archiving of the data
  • Leadership/Senior management
  • Well-being of all staff at ECMWF
  • Decade of operational meteorological experience
Career background: 

From Feb 2015 to March 2019 Jenny was a Deputy Chief Operational Meteorologist at the Met Office. This covered two Deputy positions: 1) Global Guidance Unit, where she provided forecasts and guidance for around the world, 2) Medium Range, where she provided guidance on UK weather from day two onwards. This leadership role also included providing support to the Chief Operational Meteorologist, issuing weather warnings for the UK and helping to ensure the smooth running of operations.

Previous to this, Jenny worked 50% of her time as a Senior Operational Meteorologist and 50% as a Senior Trainer in the Met Office College, where she developed and delivered space weather and meteorological training. As a Senior Operational Meteorologist she worked in both the Met Office Space weather Operations Centre and in the Emergency Monitoring and Response Centre, which responds to a wide range of emergencies, from Volcanic Ash, to large fires, to chemical or nuclear incidents. In 2012 Jenny completed a successful consultancy in Rwanda as part of the Early Warning System Project.

Previous to these roles, Jenny spent a year working with science teams to help with the development of a Hazard Impact Model, focusing on the impacts of wind on the transport network. Before this she worked as a meteorologist in the World Area Forecast Centre and also on the aviation and commercial benches at the Met Office in Exeter. She spent one year working as coordinator for the Natural Hazards Partnership (NHP).

In Jenny's spare time she has also been the Chair of the Royal Meteorological Society (RMetS) Education and Outreach Committee, trustee of the RMetS and an active STEM ambassador going into schools and other public outreach events.

External recognitions: 

Chartered Meteorologist (CMet)

Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society (FRMetS)

PhD in the Seasonal Prediction of rainfall in East Africa from University College London (UCL)

BSc in Meteorology (with a year in Oklahoma) from the University of Reading