Niels Bormann

Principal Scientist
Research Department, Earth System Assimilation Section, Microwave Radiance Observations Group

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Niels Bormann is a Principal Scientist in the ECMWF Research Department, leading a team responsible for the exploitation of satellite observations from microwave radiances and Atmospheric Motion Vectors (AMVs) as well as the general processing of observations for assimilation.



Professional interests: 

Use of satellite data to specify initial conditions for operational global Numerical Weather forecasts, in particular:

  • Evaluation of new satellite data in NWP for assimilation and calibration/validation; detection and diagnosis of anomalies.
  • Extended and improved use of satellite observations in NWP, with a focus on microwave sounders and AMVs.
  • Estimating and accounting for random and systematic uncertainties involved in the assimilation of satellite data.
  • Feedback to space agencies and advice for planning of future satellite missions.




Career background: 

2016-present: Team Leader Microwave Radiances and AMVs, ECMWF
2011-2015: Team Leader Microwave Sounders and AMVs, ECMWF
2011-present: Principal Scientist working on the assimilation of MW and IR sounders, ECMWF
2006-2011: Senior Scientist working on the assimilation of MW and IR radiances, ECMWF
2003-2006: Research Consultant working on the assimilation of IR limb radiances, ECMWF
2000-2002: EUMETSAT Fellow working on the assimilation of AMVs, ECMWF
1997-2000: PhD (Geophysics), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, in collaboration with the New Zealand National Institute for Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA)


External recognitions: 

CGMS International TOVS Working Group Co-chair (2012-2018)
EUMETSAT Science Working Group delegate (2006-today)
EUMETSAT NWP SAF Steering Group (2016-today)
ESA/EUMETSAT EPS-SG MWS Science Advisory Group (2015-today)
EUMETSAT MTG-IRS Science Team (2010-2013)
ESA PREMIER Mission Assessment Group (2007-2008)

Dr Vilho Väisälä Award for the Development and Implementation of the Instruments and Methods of Observation of WMO (2012)
Jim Ansell Geophysics Award of the Geophysics Society of New Zealand (1999)





Peer-reviewed publications

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