Steffen Tietsche

Senior Scientist
Research Department, Earth System Predictability Section, Extended Range

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Steffen is interested in ocean and sea-ice variability and predictability, and how these contribute to predictive skill in an Earth System Model on time scales from days to seasons.

Professional interests: 
  • Arctic Predictability
  • Polar–lower latitude linkages in weather and seasonal prediction
  • Ocean–sea-ice–atmosphere interactions
  • Sea ice modelling, observation and data assimilation
  • Natural variability and climate change
Career background: 

Ph.D., Max Planck Institute for Meteorology. Hamburg, Germany (2012). Thesis on “Initialization and predictability of Arctic sea ice in a global climate model”. PhD advisors J. Marotzke, D. Notz, and J. Jungclaus.

Diplom (M.Sc. equivalent) in Physics, University of Potsdam. Potsdam, Germany (2008). Final grade: 1.0 (“with distinction”). Specialization in climate science (S. Rahmstorf) and nonlinear dynamics ( J. Kurths). Thesis on "Destruction of Anderson Localization in nonlinear lattices" (supervised by A. Pikovsky).

Visiting student, University of Warwick. Coventry, UK (2003–2004)

Professional Experience
  • Since 08/2016: Senior Scientist, Research Department, ECMWF
  • 07/2015–07/2016: Scientist, Research Department, ECMWF
  • 02/2015: Visiting Scientist, GFDL, Climate Change, Variability & Prediction Group
  • 05/2012–06/2015: PostDoc, NCAS-Climate, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading
  • 01/2012–04/2012: PostDoc, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg
  • 06/2008–01/2012: Doctoral Student, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Hamburg
  • 2007: Research Assistant, “Statistical Physics/Theory of Chaos” Group, University of Potsdam
External recognitions: 
  • Since 2019: Work package lead for H2020 KEPLER project
  • 2016–2018: Work package lead for H2020 SPICES project
  • Since 2017: Invited expert contributing to
  • Since 2016: Invited expert to ISSI “Sea Ice Virtual Mission” Working Group

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Contact Details:
steffen . tietscheecmwf . int
Tel. +44 (0) 118 9499068